Free Spins 2018

Free Spins means that you are given free slot spins from the casino itself. These new casino free spins 2018 is a real treat! The winning will be credited to your account in real money – so this is truly a way to win money with zero risk of loosing. On this site, you can read all about spins and also claim your own on the best new casinos of today!

Free Spins is something that most casino operators offer new and existing players. The prevailing competition that characterizes the industry has made the casino sites become more generous towards their customers. The most common new player is to get 10-20 spins when signing up so that you as a player will be given the chance to try their game selection before you make a first deposit. Collect free spins in lots, just choose and wreck!

Free spins are given not only upon registration, many gaming companies also share free spins to reactivate their players and it is especially common for you to get spins when a new game (video slot) has been launched.

The winnings on free spins vary, but usually, they are quite small. The idea is first and foremost that you as a curious player get the feeling of the casino; and its different games.

As an existing player, you will receive free spins promotions sent via either SMS or E-mail. We always recommend our players to take advantage of these offers. Why do you ask? It doesn’t cost you anything, and you actually have the chance to win extra money; that you then can use for real money games where the winnings can exceed several million pounds!

As an example, last year, there was a 20-year-old student from Norway who, by using only his first few spins when he registered; managed to win an incredible 10 million English pounds.

Free spins exist not only to attract new players and to give players the chance to test new games. Free spins are also something that is found in many slot machines online. In popular games like Jack and the Beanstalk and Jack Hammer,  players from all over the world have won hundreds of thousands of free spin- dollars during the years!

Also more and more online casinos today offer no deposit free spins, free of charge without any kind of deposit. The number of spins usually range from 10 up to 100. Most online casinos found here on offer spins on for example NetEnt and Microgaming –  slots. The most common free spins slot all categories are Starburst, an entertaining slot which is also available on your mobile and tablet!

free spins 2018

Are Free Spins Really Free?

Free spin offers are the bread and butter of online casinos — they give it away for free in hopes that you’ll keep coming back to pay for the entree. In other-words, a good free spins deal will get you in the door, hopefully, get you hooked and eventually convert you into a paying customer. But the question still remains… are free spins really free?

Well technically yes they are. Free spins are the most common type of welcome bonus. Most casinos will offer anywhere between 50 – 200 spins, or more, just for signing up and creating an account on their site. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to play any game available on the site, which is why it is important to always check the terms and conditions for these kinds of offers.

Free Spins 2018 Offers

A lot of times existing players can earn free spins 2018 as well even though they are not new to the casino. These free spins usually come attached to some deposit bonus. For example, if you are an existing player but haven’t yet made your second deposit, a casino might offer a match bonus and 50 free spins to all second and third time depositing players.

It’s a smart idea to find casinos that not only offer welcome bonuses but also benefits to existing players as well. These are the best kinds of online casinos to join — it’s like a gift that keeps on giving, you give a little you get a little.

So the next time you’re looking around for a new online gaming platform consider what kind of bonuses the platform offers and if they are only about targeting new customers or if they also care about retaining existing ones.

Free Spins, What’s The 411

When it comes to playing online casino games, a seasoned player can find ways to play for hours on end without ever reaching into their wallets. How do they do it you ask? Free Spins!

Nearly every casino out there, be it old, new, and in between offers some form of free spin offer for new players and sometimes even for existing players making continued deposits. The number of spins one can get for signing up as a new player varies. We’ve seen free spin bonuses as high as 1000 (which is rare so manage your expectations) and as low as 25. Now a reasonable expectation for signing up for a new casino is between 100 – 200 free spins. That number of course can vary greatly, but it is a useful benchmark.

Now let’s be real, casinos aren’t looking to attract freeloaders just looking to use free spins and then split. They want to attract players that stay pass the use of their free incentives and eventually make deposits. Well the thing is these casinos use spins to attract players to their platform and it is their job to wow you over the duration of time it takes you to use those free spins. If they can’t wow you with their game selections, usability, community, etc then feel free to leave guilt free.

But if you genuinely enjoy your gaming experience don’t be a freeloader and stick around for a bit. You might be surprised to find that there are some awesome benefits to be had by those players who choose to make a deposit and continue to play with casinos they fancy.

Some of these benefits include, free money, prizes like cars and vacation getaways, and of course, more free spins 2018.

So go-ahead, shop around on the casinos dime, but when you find one you trust and have fun with don’t be afraid to make a deposit, you might just get more back than you think!